Over 1,000 business proposals were submitted in our 2016 Call for Startups, which closed last 30 May. After a selection process we came up with a short list. From this we eventually chose the startups to each receive a 40,000 euro grant and access the Digital Innovation Year 2016-2017: 3 months of innovation in one of our 4 accelerators and 9 months of mentorship and co-working.

At the end of the acceleration programme, the 10 startups that will have stood out for business potential, execution ability and responsiveness to TIM’s innovation needs will be selected for the Best in Class Programme and receive a further 10,000 euro grant and one additional month of acceleration.

Here is the list of our 2016 startups!


TIM #Wcap Accelerator Milan

Dead Pixels
Virtual Reality
Dead Pixels is the creator of Singularity, an RPG game for next-generation PC and consoles with a strong narrative focus and conceived entirely for Virtual Reality. The game combines a non-linear narrative with an innovative Natural User Interface system: the Handy Gesture System, which allows users to interact with interfaces in a virtual environment using a combination of sight and hand gestures.

Green, Fleet Management
A solution for tracking fleet vehicles and helping companies in the switch to electric fleets. The Fleetmatica system provides data gathering and tracking support in order to offer companies an objective evaluation of how many and what kind of electric vehicles they should introduce.

B2B – B2C
Wereable, IoT
A product for monitoring biometric data and controlling devices through wrist movements. Through a hardware/software technology, HIRIS is the first wearable computer able to monitor user movements, heart rate and sports and fitness performance, whilst enabling the wearer to remotely control connected devices.

B2B – B2C
IoT, Fintech
Through a hardware and software mobile payment platform for vending machines, Pagita enables consumers to buy products through an app, moving beyond the use of cash and USB drives, and allows operators to constantly monitor sales and profile clients.

Swan Networks
A Software Defined Network (SDN) orchestration solution for telecommunications operators. Swan Networks virtualises the hardware normally needed to offer Wide Area Network (WAN) services. SDN architecture enables service providers to deliver services more flexibly to their enterprise clients, optimising network load and increasing operating margins.

TIM #Wcap Accelerator Bologna

Digital Metrix
IoT, Sensor Technology, 3D Modelling
Digital Metrix has developed Recoil, an innovative software for industrial inspection and testing. Operating in real time on online images, it allows for non-contact inspection, localisation and measurement. This software can be combined with video cameras and structured light sources to obtain the best performance in every possible field of application.

Mobile, Smart City, Social Impact, Smart Mobility
An app for women who travel and move around the city alone. Freeda provides directions based on user reviews, identifying the safest itineraries and roads. Its aim is to reduce risk perception whilst driving in unknown areas or at potentially dangerous times of day.

Drone, IoT, Big Data, Smart Industry
A solution that gathers data acquired from sensors in extended or remote areas which does not require the installation of any fixed infrastructure. Data gathered through the use of drones is processed on geographical maps together with data analytics tools to inform decisions.

B2B – B2C
E-Health, Social Impact
Neurab has created Neurotablet, a cognitive rehabilitation tablet app for patients with acquired cognitive impairment. Training different cognitive functions with targeted exercises, the solution exploits the plasticity of the brain to recover or compensate for lost cognitive abilities. It is aimed at professionals and caregivers dealing with the rehabilitation of patients who have suffered brain damage.

CSV, Collaborative Tools, Big Data
The startup’s objective is to create an integrated ecosystem of tools and apps for Corporate Social Responsibility and Creating Shared Value, connecting businesses with stakeholders and bringing about new models of relation and interaction. It targets businesses, NGOs, institutions and regions committed to developing digital spaces to achieve the sustainability of our shared heritage.

Smart Cities, Sustainability, Environment, IoT, Social Impact
An innovative and interdisciplinary project that uses IoT technologies and real-time Data Analysis to improve water supply network efficiency, save water, reduce CO2 and make our cities greener. Through SmartWater – an automatic monitoring and control system – Sense4Green offers a financially sustainable solution to the problem of deterioration of water supply networks.

IoT, Platform as a Service, Machine Learning
The Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence within reach of small-to-medium businesses. Tomorrow Data has developed Iottly, a platform that integrates existing open source tools with new specific components to simplify and standardise IoT developments. It aims to reduce effort by managing developments from device to user interface in a single platform and make communication and device remote control easier.


TIM #Wcap Accelerator Rome

B2B – B2C
IoT, Domotics
Authometion has developed a LED light bulb that uses subsonic wave analysis to detect intrusions in domestic or work environments. The Internet-connected device recognises break-in attempts and sends a push notification via an app to the owner or to surveillance operators.

DtoK Lab
Big Data
DtoK Lab has developed Nubytics, a SaaS platform that allows small and medium-sized enterprises to access the world of Big Data. Workflow task execution is automatically parallelised on multiple virtual machines to obtain maximum scalability. Aimed at clients in possession of big amounts of data that is not yet classified.

IoT, Domotics
The Internet of Things for intelligent homes. Radiomaze has developed a piece of software to transform any Wi-Fi-enabled device into a motion sensor. Thanks to wave spectrum analysis Radiomaze intercepts signal variations between devices, detecting the presence of obstacles and helping users make their home a safer place.

IoT, Big Data, Industria 4.0
A Cloud-based machine learning platform. Analysing data from existing industrial devices, Sentetic monitors the equipment involved in the production process, preventing damage and malfunctioning. At the heart of this solution is a piece of software based on Artificial Intelligence that predictively interprets the data collected.

Tree Voice
Green, Smart City
A Hardware/Software System that monitors the health condition of trees. Tree Voice uses vibration sensors installed directly onto the plants to carry out predictive analysis and anticipate the possibility of tree failure. Its functions also include pollution level monitoring and fire prevention.

To Be
IoT, Domotics
To Be has developed an intelligent lamp that uses Li-Fi instead of Wi-Fi to offer safe and selected content for children (games, educational books, cartoons, etc.) within a specific portal. The content is transmitted through the light radiated by the lamp.


TIM #Wcap Accelerator Catania

B2B – B2C
A platform for assisting and monitoring patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Helparkinson uses existing technologies enriched by video and image analytical algorithms. Its aim is to connect patient and doctor, enabling the former to carry out physiotherapeutic exercises autonomously and the latter to receive detailed and constant data and information on the patient’s condition.

B2B – B2C
Cyber Security, Digital Identity
Innovatively combining existing technologies, Legalock offers a system to legally certify the presence of people or things in a specific place and time. The solution is aimed at different sectors, from banks to insurance companies, agriculture and public administration.

Network Security
NM2’s core business is the design and realisation of systems to monitor complex networks. Through a series of software tools (firmware), NM2 allows to determine the network’s state of functioning, its performance and the apps that use it.

Smart Agriculture
A new procedure based on mobile and digital technologies to optimise reproduction in sheep and goat breeding farms. Sementusa’s aim is to set out a modus operandi that rationalises the use of techniques and methods and constantly monitors results, to have at all times clear and up-to-date data on the animals’ reproduction.

Seo Tester Online
Digital Marketing, SEO
A tool aimed at bloggers and SEO Specialists who want to test a website and improve its SEO. Through a series of proprietary algorithms, the system automatically recognises the market sector and the type of website analysed, providing customised suggestions on how to increase its visibility.

Site Assistant
Construction industry 2.0
Aimed at the construction industry 2.0, Site Assistant is a system to manage and track work progress on a building site. The system integrates a mobile app with desktop software and a portable printer and links photos from the building site to all of the information needed to catalogue, annotate, and simplify the day-to-day workflow.
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