Agesic, life-saving app


Michele Carlucci CEO, co-founder
Riccardo bianchi, co-founder
Salvatore Carlucci COO, co-founder
Riccardo Guadagnoli, grafic designer
Federico Piccirilli, developer



Agesic is a software conceived to protect lives of the individuals who work in isolation. Agesic indicates in real time a problem or possible critical situations, alerting company headquarter.

TIM #Wcap Rome



A dedicated device is not needed in order to avoid bulk and obsolescence of the hardware. Agesic is installed on a common smartphone, to avoid the emission of false alerts which may prejudice the utility of this service, with external sensors detecting the environment and the physical status of the individual guaranteeing safety.



“We have been on the market since 2012. In few months, thanks to TIM #Wcap, our product has taken the form of startup and is quickly growing.”

Salvatore always says that passion makes the difference between an idea and a worthy project. Agesic is a business idea but a startup too with an important social function: improving safety in the workplace.

“Our app is installed on smartphones and thanks to GPS, accelerometer and  mobile data networks, Agesic detects in real time the distress and/or accident of the worker, sending automatically an alarm to mobile phones connected to control-panel of the remote location. The early detection would reduce drastically the time of the emergency aid. Moreover, through the use of special sensors, aGesic is able to discriminate dangers in such situations as concentrations of carbon monoxide, high heat or worker heart distress signs. Many lives could be saved thanks to an app like this.”


Agesic has been developed to be solution to a problem. A new product was needed in order to overcome many of the problems associated with old devices, too complex, uncomfortable and inaccurate. It was necessary to create something easy to use and to wear, reliable enough to prevent false alarms. Some of old devices indicated an emergency situation although the worker was lying supine without verifying that the victim could be or not imminently endangered. No one had ever before had the idea to consider the possibility that a person might be in danger also while standing up.

“We faced any critical matters, trying to get maximum value from the smartphones hardware. We started working on an app with a wise use of the accelerometer, the measuring instrument of smartphones motion status. After a set period of immobility, without operator intervention, Agesic sends automatically alarms.
Thanks to geolocation, it is also possible to know the area where sending a rescue team to solve the possible problem.”

Salvatore knew about TIM #Wcap thanks to his friendCarlo Camusso, CEO of Fattura24, a startup selectioned by TIM#Wcap few years ago.

“Our presence inside the accelerator allowed us to capitalize previous significant experiences with our clients. With the cooperation of TIM #Wcap mentors and consultants, we are drawing up guidelines of our company development and growth path.”

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