Beentouch, world is small but still not enough


Danilo Mirabile, CEO
Alberto Longo, CTO
Emanuele Accardo, Developer
Federica Munzone, Graphic designer
Emanuela Toscano, Legal aspects
Daniele Pecoraro, CMO



Beentouch is a VoIP software conceived to make high audio-video quality, secure, smooth and stable calls through the Internet.

TIM #Wcap Catania



The point to point transmission distance between two devices allows to bypass external servers.



“Lunchtime in TIM #Wcap Accelerator with friends when talking about the quality of Whatsapp calls. I said my Whatsapp calls are extraordinary and I started one to confirm it. “It’s true!”, they said all excited. Indeed, the call ran smoothly and somebody also said: ‘If only Beentouch were like that! When will we use it'?"

Danilo just did it,  showing how reliable was his startup.

Beentouch is based on a peer-to-peer structure and does not use any external server: this way it guarantees excellent performance. Thanks to the latest technologies of video-audio transmission and  two inviolable ciphers, it provides  a communicative experience like never before. This is also helped by an interface carefully designed down to the smallest details suitable for every user, even those not 2.0.”


Tired of all the problems encountered with video calls software, Danilo decided that he had to do something different. Imagine calling a far away friend or relative and repeat continuously “what?”, “I can’t hear you”, “end the call”, “call again”. That is really disappointing.

“I brought together an A-team in order to provide a software that really eliminates distance while making voice and video calls. The aim is to improve performance of data transmission operating independently. Moreover, our interface is the outcome of surveys and user experience studies and it will increase the VoIP software usage thanks to improvement of its interaction.”


The name Beentouch comes from the pun between the words “Bee” and “be in touch”. Bees have one of the most performing communication system of animal world. Beentouch goal is to create a system like this allowing people to feel closer not separated by a screen.

The acceleration program has been really important for the realization of our project. Thanks to the plenty of workshops and events, Beentouch team has had the opportunity to improve further the idea until the alpha version of the product.”

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