Acceleration - Month 1

On 16 July we started our acceleration program. Teams set their hands to the task immediately and time has gone by so fast for the 40 selected startups.

The first part of Digital Innovation Year has started, four months of burning acceleration in order to be ready and go to market.
Startuppers encountered all the energy of TIM #Wcap Accelerators of Milan, Bologna, Rome and Catania, the best Italian hubs of innovation. Guided everyday by our mentors, they  took part at training sessions.

Six are the course modules carried out so far. Started in the accelerator of Milan, the Business Model Canvas course with teachers of Beople was concluded in Catania.

The open spaces were full of sheets and post-its. Startups names and projects. Startuppers have learned that ideas may be volatile and there are no points of certainty. Daily work has to be dynamic and the entrepreneur always ready to profit from changes to reinvent himself. At the end of the course, this has seemed to be the essence of innovation.

The second module referred to very important legal issues for innovative companies. Legal: private law, commercial and company law, contract types and much more thanks to the teachers of NTCM law firm.

The third session was focused on lean production. Roberto Bettazzoni of Agile42 showed how to simplify the productive and company structure. Furthermore, studying the scrum technology and using teambuilding tools, he clearly showed how important is the impact of Agile method on a project development.

Customer Acquisition was the topic of the fourth session. Silvia Vianello explained to young entrepreneurs that the most important thing any startup can do is to achieve visibility. Different Customer Acquisition solutions were analysed in depth , showing all different channels to increase traffic and clients acquisition.

Alberto Mucignat of Dolab talked about User Experience and Interaction Design during the fifth session. Mucignat illustrated what UX is, the core principles of a fundamental topic for innovation. He analyzed the features of some of our startups, through user testing and other checks, and finally he suggested ways to improve  the user experience related to their own product.

Sixth and last session before the summer break. Social Media Marketing with Roberto Fuso Nerini of The Vortex. The presence of startups on the most important social networks is fundamental taking nothing for granted. In order to achieve visibility on social media, an effective media strategy has to be developed. This will be useful also to create an ecosystem  centered around its own brand and to effectively compete in the market.

From today, two weeks of relax to have a rest and come back more excited than before.

Because also the most creative, productive and never static startuppers need vacation.