Innovation is open. Here are the startups selectioned for TIM #Wcap 2015

Innovation runs. It goes faster and farther. It changes our life balance we are used to. Innovation can’t travel at normal pace, it’s a runaway train.

Six years have passed since the beginning of TIM #Wcap in 2009. Ever since we have examined thousands of business ideas and selected hundreds of startups, many of those are important players of the the Italian ecosystem of Innovation.

With the Call for Ideas 2015 we have received more than 1,000 business projects to form a short list and select 40 startups that will take part in the TIM #Wcap Program.

Furthermore, 8 special mentions went to teams which don’t need of the acceleration program on the basis of their project maturity. Indeed, they will have access to the procurement list to immediately become Telecom Italia certified suppliers.

Here are the names of the selected startups. Innovation is open.



Solution tailored for the distance communication of deafblind people through Tactile signing.

One Sec Pay
Communication system based on the emission of sound waves deconding in order to transfer files, links and codes.

Proximity based social networking site focused on book sharing, allowing users to share their real books and meet new people nearby.
Solution to understand and anticipate anonymous users' behavior, predict what they're interested in or looking for in order to optimize the retention.

Marshmallow Games (Funky Grant)
Mobile App for children to learn subjects like math, logics, Italian and other languages, arts and sciences while having fun.

Hotblack Robotics
Innovative solution to guide a team of robots connected to a cloud robotics platform within unknown and dynamic environment to let them carry out various tasks.

Donkey Commerce
Management tool of products for stores, e-commerce, marketplace, B2B and services.

Smart home personal assistant, Speech Recognition Technology and Artificial Intelligence based.


B2B solution to strengthen business initiatives within physical spaces of cloud by connecting to the brand apps and monetizing micro-location interactions through up/cross-selling, cashback and fidelity.

Art Stories

Digital project on on cultural heritage education. By downloading the apps, users both adults and children will be guided in the discovery of the most beautiful art cities in Italy. It often  happens that Italian and foreign families do not find suitable tools to learn more about arts and history. Art Stories apps are both a fun and engaging tool to visit cities with new eyes and  an innovative marketing medium for cultural institutions addressing those specific target groups.


Pronto Pro

Marketplace solution to connect the demand for services (catering, plumbers, music teachers, etc) with suppliers.

Web platform open source frameworks based to rapidly prototype IoT applications for small and medium sized enterprises.

Dynamic digital storage and management of all the most important personal data and online payments.



My Drop
Modular sensors platform for outdoor physical and sporting activities.

Mobile App detecting buying habits by analyzing the receipts.

API platform to create an e-commerce on measure easily and rapidly.

Wearable device for blind people connecting the user with his smartphone. 

Discovery app for smartphones, tablets and pc providing users with one or more free apps.

Domotica Undici
Wireless device for home building automation.


Cloud computing platform to manage digital display interactive contents allowing companies to create engagement.

Platform to put directly in contact web space publishers with advertisers searching for a place to promote their products on the Internet.

New device that allow to recharge smartphones designed to be placed in public locations designed to be placed in public locations provided with touchscreen screen and safety deposit box.

iBeacon technology based app that promises to let visitors of museums live an unforgettable experience and have their smartphones  provided with exclusive contents proposed on the basis of the detected position.


Social network to manage apartment buildings, for residents, apartment block administrators and services suppliers.



Platform for "Connected Car" organizing data collected from road vehicles to provide the management of company fleets system.

Management software for healthcare providers monitoring drug consumption and mitigating the risk of pharmacological error in treatments.

Practical and innovative system that detects all the home sounds and warns users directly on their own smartphone, tablet or wrist device.

Technology platform providing a brand-new sensor to monitor and track indoor air pollutants.

Software to protect lives of the individuals who work in isolation.

A totally new platform conceived for local public authorities based on the cross-analysis of data and aimed at the taxes recovery.

Platform conceived to boost the match between demand and supply of property rental for students and workers providing the opportunity to share the space with the ideal housemate.

Platform generating rapidly second screen apps completely customized.

Social Extender

Solution allowing to create, organize and emphasise any kind of event. optimizing performance in terms of life cycle.

E-learning platform whose videos, contents can be integrated and accessible through a completely customizable user-friendly interface.


App for tourism and leisure time recommending tours outside the typical touristroutes according to client’s mood.


Type of display for the professionals operating in the building and industrial design sector to easily access with a photorealistic and dynamic view of the spaces they have designed.

App for for children under school age based on the stories of his characters Mash and Periwinkle.

Bycare Lab
Device for bikes working as GPS anti-theft alarm and Emergency Call System.

National outdoor adv and transit network project aiming at gather the services offered by small and medium-sized enterprises.

Mobile app allowing users to choose the more suitable car according to his personality and needs.

The application allows users to open a gifts list and the guests to easily find a gift.

Booking online platform conceived for tourist accommodation for people with disabilities.

Advanced travel planning search engine focused on connecting flights, in addition to inboud/outboud flights.

Web and mobile platform managing data, backup and sharing.

Cloud computing platform aiming at making easier the management of systems also for non experienced users.


Forward - Going Digital Everywhere
Mobile app for “immersive event”, using smartphones as tool for purchases, interactions, communication.

Snapp App Builder
Solution to build apps and websites from a smartphone, guiding the user through an intuitive app building process.

Park Smart
Smart parking solution aiming to getting information about the availability of parking places in a specific area of the city.