Wadex, from derivatives to innovation


Giorgio Linguanti, CEO - CoFounder

Alan Parisini, COO - CoFounder

Daniele Pelligra, UX/UI Designer - CoFounder

Samuel Buccheri, CTO - CoFounder

Davide Miceli, Backend - CoFounder

Carmelo Polito, IT Security & System Administrator

Massimiliano Grassi, Data Scientist - CoFounder

Martina Greci, Social Media Manager



Wadex is a telematic market for the exchange of Secondary Raw Materials (from recycling).



It protects industries from the price volatility of Secondary Raw Materials through a proprietary algorithm based on the Pareto optimality in bilateral negotiations.



“I was working on my thesis on derivatives and I was not drawn to start a career as an underpaid and frustrated trainee. Thus, I got carried away with the tsunami startup. I have handed on this passion to Alan and Wadex was born.”

Since the first analysis, Giorgio realizes that the most interesting sector was the recycling sector,  according to numbers and growth rate even though it  was a market characterised by inefficiency.

“Our current product is the outcome of bottom up surveys with the leading market players, continuously pivoting due to feedbacks and errors in the early stage of the idea structuring phase”.

Wadex is a safe trading environment allowing recycling industries to bypass the traditional mechanisms of trading and to deal effectively with the pricing of their own operations.

“We are a young and skilled team made up of 6 CoFounders and 2 collaborators. The name Wadex stands for Waste Derivatives Exchange. It is an acronym which pointing out we are developing the first Telematic Share Market for Secondary Raw Materials for recycling industries which will be able to deal safeguarding from  the price volatility of the SRM.”

A tool conceived for the companies of the sector, necessary for contracting the exchange rate and deciding on an ex ante basis their own budget with a profit margin also in case of drops.

“TIM #Wcap has helped me a great deal also to sharpen my character, especially in the management of the team. Less protagonism and more sacrifice. There are no privileged roles when it must achieve a common result.”

When Giorgio moved to Milan, he hadn’t the basic knowledge to understand the Financial complexity yet. The first day of Derivative instruments Course was so hard he wished for a change. Only two years later, thanks to TIM #Wcap, he would have develop a derivatives based business.