INNAAS, dream came true


Simone Di Somma, Managing director

Giuseppe Ancona, Director of innovation



INNAAS is a performance management software which processes data and provides a single score which gives an overall assessment.

TIM #Wcap Accelerator Rome



Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until  2003. The 90% of the data in the world has been created in the last three years and their figure is rising from one day to the next at a rate of 2.5 quintillion bytes.

We are living today through the Big Data revolution and their real time processing. Big data draw a lot of attention; that’s why data scientists play a leading role and triumphs also in he TV series. From Spock of Star Trek to Walter White of Breaking Bad, from Abed of Community to Rust Cohle of True Detective, just to name a few. The new hero is the one who combines statistical analysis to deductions,
certainly not without anthropological and philosophical implications.

Our startup INNAAS is one of the most promising service solution of big data and real-time business analytics. Accelerated startup by the 2014, even before finishing the acceleration period, it has provided its own software in order to process dataset related to the Italian football championship and to foster the functionality of TIM Stadium.

Simone is one of our great founder, who has quit his job at Philip Morris in January to to focus exclusively on his startup: he tells us the story of INNAAS. 

"The mission of INNAAS is that supports enteprises to translate their data asset in valuable information. In order to to demonstrate the effective versatility of our platform. We have made the best use of the Football World Championship in Brazil which were played in the period we have started the acceleration period. We have analyzed the performance of the matches: while the teams were playing, the platform processed a large amount of realtime data, such as number and speed of passes, field position, the percentage of successful events. Thanks to TIM Stadium, only a few weeks after our arrival, we have already been collaborating with Telecom Italia.”

Then a great news came on 17th April: TIM Ventures,  the corporate venture capital of Telecom Italia, has invested in INNAAS.

“Having a company partners as TIM Ventures, the first Italian Corporate Venture Capital, is a is indeed a great satisfaction. It means that all our efforts, the sleepless nights, our intuitions and our project have been definitely addressed in the right way. TIM #Wcap provided us with a considerable support, both financial and industrial.”

The startup addresses companies that own a large quantity of data and they don’t know how to foster them. The team keeps working in order to make the model more generic to be used in every context. The softare has been implemented in the Performance Retail and Social and it will be soon  be expanded  to IOT, Advertisement e Healthcare.

That’s acceleration!