To start anew, stronger than ever

Having the courage to keep strong and follow your path, even when what you tried to create didn’t go the way you hoped, it is not an easy task. It’s even more difficult when you live in a country where those who fail in an endeavour aren’t spurred, but beaten down and marked as "someone who hasn’t made it".

Then, if you’re also young, you can add the gibes to the damage; gibes from all the people who had prognosed a bad ending. From those who had taken the time to say: “don’t bother with it, just think of completing your studies and finding a normal job”. As if good ideas, will, passion and competence didn’t make a real job.

One who isn’t bothered by judgment and failure is surely Andrea Giarrizzo, a boy from Catania who has studied Informatics and, when he was not even 20 years old, created Youtube Downloader, an app that allowed the user to download, as the name says, YouTube videos. To some it may seem a trivial idea, but the fact is, it didn’t exist before he made it and it reached an enormous success.

The news is a few years old now and it made the tour of most Italian magazines and papers, online and offline both. This idea was enough to win him, in 2012, the Smart App Challenge, the prestigious international challenge promoted by Samsung. But what most of us remember is what followed. Because the application, that seemed to be in contrast with YouTube regulation, forbidding the download of its content, was cancelled from the web. Since then, speculation on presumed wars waged by Google was rife in the papers, even though Andrea belied it.

This happening was talked about in an exaggerated manner, and often incorrectly. - Andrea explained us - There have been days when I didn’t even want to read the paper or open the Internet to check what had been written down. The application wasn’t cancelled by the store, nor by Samsung nor by Google. I was the one to do it when the first doubts arised”.

However, after this specification, the bitterness disappeared from Andrea’s eyes. Because that episode, for him, signified much more than the obvious. “It was an amazing experience that allowed me to make many contacts”. And in fact, beyond everything that has happened, there are many persons that recognize his talents and are ready to give him their trust. Even in Italy.

I have been contacted by many Italian and foreign companies, even of a certain level - goes on Andrea - and this filled me with enthusiasm, since they have demonstrated a sincere interest to know and eventually sponsor any other idea I may have”.

Andrea sees his future this way, as a self-entrepreneur, and starts by creating a startup. As such, after abandoning his YouTube Downloader, he didn't need much time to push himself up again.

I have a few very interesting projects - recounts Andrea Giarrizzo -, even though it’s a bit early to speak about it. Let’s just say that those projects revolve around an innovative kind of e-commerce and something social. What I’m looking for, right now, is people that truly believe in what I want to do, in the path I want to bring them along with and that areable to help me realize it with their expertise. For this reason I came to Telecom Italia’s Working Capital. Here I found youth with my same mentality and full of desire to make it; truly people to put my trust in. A good lesson, one that I’ve learned from my YouTube Downloader experience”.

Because, if we have to highlight it again, every experience is a good one, as long as you know how to make the best of it and move on. There is no victory or failure. There is only make!

By Michele Spalletta, on Twitter as @mspalletta